Twitter Propagating News

After reading about how how Twitter was used to spread information in emergency situations, I started thinking about how applicable this could be.  It was already proven there is a difference in the speed a tweet is retweeted based on whether the tweet is factual.  Simply integrating some sort of algorithm to allow users to see how accurate the information is could help the propagation.

I actually believe this is the future of emergency systems.  Twitter is perfect for getting across important information very quickly.  In situations of emergencies, the truth algorithm could kick in.  No longer would the public have to rely on news networks to gather and post information on the television, radio, and internet.  The public themselves could contribute any useful information and control the spread of factual information.

Granted, a lot of this was covered in the article we read for class, but I believe this is a tool that should be applied by Twitter.  Perhaps more studies should at least be carried out to find out if this is truly an accurate method.  Either way, I think it would be foolish to let this research go to waste.

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